Bunkey’s organizing features simplify the way you store and manage your digital content. Our onboarding process gives you the tools to smartly classify your assets. Also, each time you upload an item, the Built-in AI will tag using image recognition. That way you’ll always find what you are looking for.


Find your assets quickly with Bunkey’s smart finder. Search results can be filtered by video, image, folder and results can be sorted according to the upload, creation, modification date or simply by alphabetic order.


Share your marketing content with your teammates and external collaborators. Assets can be shared directly from the Bunkey platform; by e-mail or an URL link. If you need to comment an asset or a folder you are sharing, just write a message associated to the sending and it’s done.

Groups and permissions

Create groups and work groups with different levels of authorization. You can define both access to the assets and permissions that they’ll have on them. (Ex. Visualize, download, edit, etc.)


High quality videos played instantly from the app. Full screen image visualization with fast access to your metadata. In Bunkey you can visualize any format used by professional content creators.